1. Q - Why can't I find a particular listing?

A - Try searching with the zip code in the "State, City or Zip Code" box, then the business name in the "Search by...." box. If the business has not added keywords to their description and keywords field, it will be difficult to find that business. If you don't find a particular listing, it's possible we do not have that business in our database. Use our "Contact" page or below form to let us know we get back to you shortly.

  1. Q - How can I search better?

A - Search Hints: try "variations" of the search term you are using. For instance, you could search "plumber", but the category is "Plumbing" and will display more results. Combined with the zip code, using "plumbing" as your search term is going to provide all the results for what you want.

Perhaps you are searching for "a" restaurant but you think "restaurants" would be general and show you all of them in the zip code you entered. But "restaurant" (singular) is what most use in their business name. So if you are searching a particular name, you would use the singular spelling. Even if you are searching an area for restaurants, use the singular spelling. If a business has not claimed their listing, or, the business has failed to add "keywords" to their listing, that business may not appear in your results.

The best way to "drill down" to only those listings in a very defined area is to use the zip code, not the city.

If you know the name of the business, type the zip code in the first box and as you type the name of the business in the large search box you will see the name appear in the "auto find" list as you type. If a business is not in the database, you will not see it in the list of search results. Contact the business and let them know to add their listing. If a business is on our database but has "not" included any keywords in their listing, that will likely be a reason your search did not include what you expected.

  1. Q - What can I do in my listing to appear in more searches related to my business?

A - Add keywords!! It's that simple. If you add keywords that are highly relevant to your business, when people search your city or zip code using those keywords in their search, your listing will appear in the results. Log in to your account and scroll down to (near) the bottom of your listing. You'll see a box where you can add keywords. Make sure you use "only" a comma between words. Any other characters, even periods, will be automatically removed. Add those same keywords to the description of your business. That is all the optimization you need.

  1. Q - Why is the map in my listing a overall map instead of my address?

A - To save the address location on the map, click and drag the red marker to the correct address position. Save your listing. The next time you return to your listing you will see the red marker in the correct position.


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